• Business and People Excellence: Foundations for Improvement
    Although the strategic value of people management is undisputed, the subject is mainly covered by technical references. As opposed to our BPE that offers a coherent and holistic approach therefore filling the gap pragmatically and based on a maturity model.
  • 6 practical tips for suppliers' evaluation
    Suppliers' evaluations are a critical set of activities in outsourcing and purchasing and at the same time managed hazardously. Here are 6 practical hints for more effective Suppliers’ evaluations.
  • MATURE: an assessment which changes your organization
    A MATURE assessment is an organizational analysis which guarantees a quick start for change, supported and driven by your team.


  • Prefer a competencies plan over a training plan
    A training plan is a mere composition of individually expressed needs and expectations bring into balance with a predefined training budget. DH Academy can assist you turning that into a competencies plan, bringing in line the strategic resources vision of your strategy.
  • Lean six Sigma for Everyone !
    The basics of Lean Six Sigma should be a standard mindset of every co-worker in your company. Lean Six Sigma is the fruitful combination of Lean Management, focusing on eliminating all low value actions in your enterprise to sublimate your clients and Six Sigma is the principle of founding all decisions on measured insight of cause and effect relations. DH Academy proposes light and flexible teaching methods to incorporate these principles in your organization.


  • Sharing Experiences
    D&H Fellows is a platform for sharing experiences. Evidently, we will maintain confidentiality on our clients, while exposing best practices and fruitful approaches. D&H Fellows is also open to experts and managers who want to share and improve.
  • Digitalization and Informations Architecture
    A medium-sized life-insurances company started a digitalization programme in 2015. It came soon to the conclusion that this would only make their fundamental problem digitalized. The digitalization programme was, despite quite some resistance from managers, transformed into an information architecture programme, focusing on streamlining information storage, edition and distribution. More detailed information about this case study is available on demand.

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