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“Demets&Heuskin” is the brand for MSD Partners Group sprl, MSD Partners sàrl or MSD Partners France sàrl.

“Applicant” means the person registering for an open course;

“Delegate” means the person participating on a course;

“Client” means the contracting body taking charge of the services delivered to applicants / participants; means also the person legally representing the Client;

“Order Confirmation” means the document emitted by Demets&Heuskin identifying the specific services on which agreement is reached; an Order Confirmation signed by Client constitutes the Agreement;

“Agreement” means the contractual agreement between Demets&Heuskin and the client, composed by these terms and conditions, the Order Confirmation and if applicable the proposal;

“Proposal” is the document emitted by Demets&Heuskin stating the specific conditions for an on-demand course; a proposal adds specifications to these Terms and Conditions.


Demets&Heuskin agrees to conduct training services pursuant to the terms contained herein. Courses may be conducted at the client’s premises or at a venue defined by Demets&Heuskin.

Registration and Agreement for Scheduled Courses

Registration to scheduled courses can be initiated by online subscription on our website (, by fax (+32 2 390 93 86), by e-mail ( or by phone (+32 2 333 80 40). It is highly recommended to use the appropriate forms and to fill in all requested information for facilitating the administrative process.

Based on registration application and considering acceptation criteria (essentially prerequisites and highest number of participants allowed per course), Demets&Heuskin will send an Order Confirmation to the client or applicant. The signed Order Confirmation needs to be sent back by post, e-mail or fax to the Demets&Heuskin’ head office.

Once the duly signed Order Confirmation is received, the agreement is constituted.

Agreement for On-Demand Courses

On Client’s request, proposal for On-Demand Courses will be emitted. This proposal, confirmed with a signed Order Confirmation and the present Terms and Conditions constitute the contract. Due Payment of 50% of the course value will be required to confirm client’s engagement.

Cancellation/Substitution of Delegates

Cancellation of participation to a course is only possible in writing of which receipt needs to be confirmed by Demets&Heuskin. Cancellations at the latest 4 weeks prior to the course start date are free of charge. Late cancellations will be charged as following:

  • 4 to 2 weeks before course start date: 10% administration cost
  • 2 to 1 week before course start date: 50% cancellation fee
  • Less than 1 week or no cancellation: 100% course fee.

Substituting one delegate by another is allowed as long as prerequisites for the course and administration process for certification exams is not jeopardized. Demets&Heuskin engages within reasonable limits to manage substitutions compliant to the requirements of the Examination Body and all related regulation.


When examination is offered at the end of a course, applicants and delegates are asked to subscribe to that service as soon as possible. Demets&Heuskin will apply the rules for registration, changes and cancellations of the examination bodies.

Demets&Heuskin engages to allow the participant to take the examinations in best conditions, following requirements of the examination bodies. Demets&Heuskin can never be held responsible for failing the examination.

Confirmation/Cancellation of Courses

Client can cancel On-Demand Courses applying the same conditions as described under Cancellation/Substitution of Delegates. Postponing a course is equal to canceling the planned course and ordering a new session.

Demets&Heuskin has the right to cancel courses for economical or logistical reasons. Demets&Heuskin will notify cancellations 8 working days upfront at the latest. No damage payment or recovery of engaged costs can be claimed to Demets&Heuskin when courses are duly cancelled respecting this notice or when conditions out of its control make pursuit of the course unlikely.


All prices agreed with Demets&Heuskin are exclusive VAT, Custom taxes or any other tax or withhold imposed by a legal or regulatory authority in relation with the course delivery.

Travel and Accommodation Cost

Unless otherwise defined in written, Travel and Accommodation cost of Demets&Heuskin’ trainers to perform courses outside Belgium, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the Paris’ suburban area are not comprised in the fees and will thus be invoiced at real cost on top of the agreed prices.

Travel and Accommodation Cost of delegates is at charge of the delegate or his/her employer. Lunches, food and beverages are sometimes offered to delegates during courses, but are never a contractual obligation.


The information submitted for registering delegates of our clients is only being used by Demets&Heuskin for the purpose of organizing the training event and informing delegates and other Client staff about our services. This information shall be held inside Demets&Heuskin and will not be shared with third parties. Collection of data categorized as Personal Information shall be avoided and only be asked for subscription to Certification exams; anyhow Personal Information will not be systematically stored by Demets&Heuskin.


Demets&Heuskin can never be held liable for any form of damage caused to a client or a delegate as a consequence of its professional execution of the mission. Any information or recommendation emitted by Demets&Heuskin needs to be carefully considered by the delegate and client.

Demets&Heuskin can never be held responsible for misact, misconduct or misbehavior of its staff or delegates.

Demets&Heuskin is not responsible for accepting delegates to the exams, marking or attributing the corresponding certificate; thus Demets&Heuskin can never be held responsible for success or failure of a delegate at an examination.

Delegates’ Responsibility

Delegates shall act reasonably throughout the training course, with respect of the learning needs of all others. The Demets&Heuskin’ consultant – trainer may, at its sole initiative and appreciation, remove a delegate from a course, where, in the opinion of the Trainer, which shall be final, the Delegate is behaving unreasonably. Removal of a delegate from a course shall never lead to refunding of the course fee.

Intellectual Property

All course materials, concepts, designs, models and information remains the sole property of Demets&Heuskin. It is strictly forbidden to copy or reproduce, under any format, the information and documentation received during courses or related to course execution. It is the full responsibility of delegates and Clients to safeguard the intellectual property of Demets&Heuskin’ materials.

Invoicing and Payment Term

On-Demand Courses: unless otherwise agreed, 50% of the course value will be invoiced at ordering, with a payment term of, whatever is first, 15 calendar days or the start date of the course. The remaining part, increased if applicable with cost for travel and accommodation and certification exams, will be invoiced before the end of the calendar month during which the course was delivered. Payment term is 15 calendar days.

Delegates Registration: the invoice will be emitted upon reception of the Order Confirmation. Payment term is 30 calendar days.

Payment means: only bank transfers are accepted as payment mean. No other payment mean shall be accepted.

Default of payment: Demets&Heuskin has the right to refuse participation at a course when the client remained in default of payment, which does not alter the validity of the invoice or amounts due. By default of payment, invoices will produce an interest rate of 10% on annual basis, immediately and without prior notification. All recovery cost will be additionally charged to the client.

By default of payment one month after the date due, a fixed indemnity of 12% of the outstanding amount will be receivable, with a minimum of €250,- and a maximum of €2.000,- to cover the economic liability caused by the client.

strong>Disputes over invoices: all comments, remarks and oppositions to invoices shall be correctly notified to Demets&Heuskin within two weeks after its issue date. After this term, the invoice is irrevocably accepted by the client.

Legal Issues

Any issue, disagreement or dispute shall first be addressed between the Client and Demets&Heuskin. Only when it is set that no agreement can be reached, parties can bring the dispute to the arbitration of the appropriate Court. Only the courts of the Belgium are competent.

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