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As a services company, our Human Capital is of critical importance. The talents, skills and competencies of our consultants are directly impacting the final results perceived by our clients.

We also think that small teams are beneficial towards quality. Our approach is all the opposite to sending army divisions of consultants to our clients, but bringing in well-focused help where the client needs it most. Our team needs to be composed by highly talented and motivated professionals, mastering the complete range of consultancy and training skills.

The competencies of our consultants and trainers need to be at a level above any suspicion. Therefore, we manage competencies management, training and certifications as a strategic asset. As a basis, we expect our consultants and trainers to proof their competencies through certification.

At Demets&Heuskin, we prefer not to talk about job openings, but about opportunities. Our hiring policy is more talent driven than quantitative. Several opportunities could be constructed in Brussels, Luxembourg or Paris, based on your own abilities, talent, motivation and… perseverance to succeed.

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LUXEMBOURG | MSD Partners sàrl | 2, rue d’Arlon | L-8399 Windhof | T. +352 26 44 17 92
BRUSSELS | MSD Partners Group sprl | T. +32 2 333 80 40
PARIS | MSD Partners France sàrl | T. +33 1 53 32 50 51

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