Being a consultant at Demets&Heuskin is more than wearing a job title. It means people fit in with the values of Demets&Heuskin and have the competencies and the ambition to reach the objectives.

Our consultants are all expert managers and trainers, with on average 20 years of experience. The team has a varied background, from business functions over provider services to IT Directors, thus enabling our broad vision on organizational and economic issues though being engaged to practical next steps.

Besides the personal proficiency of our team members, consultants perform their job steered by processes guaranteeing quality. Processes as Contract Management, Shadow Advice and Principal Consultancy are strictly managed. This is simply part of our values: making excellence pragmatic.

LUXEMBOURG | MSD Partners sàrl | 2, rue d’Arlon | L-8399 Windhof | T. +352 26 44 17 92
BRUSSELS | MSD Partners Group sprl | T. +32 2 333 80 40
PARIS | MSD Partners France sàrl | T. +33 1 53 32 50 51

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