Sourcing & Procurement Management

There is still a lot of room for improvement in any organization to streamline sourcing and procurement management with the real needs of the organization. Too many organizations still do rely on ‘traditional’ purchasing methods focusing on contract and price. The effect of end-to-end streamlined procurement is at least as important and produces important cost reduction and quality improvements visible for you and your clients.

What value will this create?

  • Improve you grip on the origin of the demand, as a basic drive for reducing the need to buy … which still remains the best cost-saver.
  • Streamline procurement processes adapted to the specific needs of the situation, allowing flexibility where needed, customization where this delivers value and standardization when the cost reduction outweighs all other considerations.
  • Implement a pragmatic set of processes for critical procurement items.
  • Manage service sourcing pro-actively by laying attention on the capabilities of potential suppliers to deliver desired quality and to adapt over time.
  • Last but not least, reduce cost and increase quality by having a solid grip on the lifecycle of procurement and sourcing.

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