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Demets&Heuskin consultancy services are focused on providing high value both immediately as on the long run. Our consultants will guide you pragmatically through fundamental questions, focusing on implementing quick wins for instant results and at the same time tackle fundamental issues together with the people in your organization. We believe that building your own capabilities is the best guarantee for lasting results.

Our 3 specific services cover the following domains:

  Assessment Implementation Governance
Service Strategy & Innovation integrated integrated integrated
Operational Excellence integrated integrated integrated
IT Management integrated integrated integrated
HR & Competencies Management integrated integrated integrated
Sourcing & Procurement Management integrated integrated integrated

Our services, in details:

MATURE™ Assessment


Knowing the problem before you try to solve it is fundamental for being effective. Our MATURE™ approach is based on interviewing all relevant stakeholders in order to analyze the real situation, involving managers, suppliers, clients and operational staff, thus to create a down-to-earth image. This image is compared to best practices and a maturity scale to guarantee coherence. Finally, feedback is provided by workshops, so that clearness and alignment is created for participative development of action plans.

Do you need a Maturity Assessment (MATURE™)?

  • Do you have the feeling that things are running but it could be better?
  • Are people pinpointing each other for small and big malfunctions?
  • A lot of stakeholders declare there is a problem, but nobody defines THE problem?
  • Although formally results should be produced, a lot of random issues degrade the satisfaction about results?

What you will get

  • A participative and people-oriented evaluation of your effectiveness, productivity and organizational processes;
  • A clear view on how you are perceived by your major stakeholders;
  • Workshops to clarify the issues internally and define with your team the appropriate action plan
  • A fundamental step in launching organizational improvement

Implementation Guidance


Results are only produced when improvements are really implemented. We provide guidance to your staff and managers to implement together the action plan. During implementation, we will have a constant eye for Quick Wins and will keep on developing pragmatic solutions that provide real value.

Do you need implementation guidance?

  • There are quite some new things to implement in your organization and feel that people would be pushed out of their comfort zone?
  • You have a valuable team in place, but lacking some practical skills to boost the change for the better?
  • A combination of ‘legacy’ operational issues and ambitious projects is putting your team under heavy pressure to accomplish above normally expected performance?
  • You are confident in your team’s capabilities, but want to reduce the risk and the consequences of a back-fall?

What you will get

  • Knowledgeable consultants who will assist you with practical advice about how to improve in your organization, based on your team and team members.
  • Expert input with customized advice and assistance to create rapidly the fundamentals for making progress.
  • Individual coaching and assistance of your managers to take up their accountability.
  • Execution of specific expert tasks (workshops, communication, handling resistance …) to avoid blocking situations.
  • Advice and assistance on critical environmental topics like communication, management of change and risk management.

Governance Control


The best way to avoid a crisis is to improve every day. Our governance guidance stimulates the integration of a continual improvement culture and approach in your organization so that people have the constant motivation to be the best. Our facilitation has a constant eye for developing your competencies.

Do you need Improvement Facilitation?

  • Your organization has adopted quite some new working methods and it all looks very delicate?
  • Your organization has processes and tools which could be used more pragmatically for better results?
  • There are no major issues in your organization, but collaboration between managers, teams and individual is often rusty?
  • You know you are doing well, but want to incrust the spirit of excellence and continual improvement?

What you will get

  • Senior consultants advising discretely top managers on how to improve their behavior, style communication and interaction.
  • Individual coaching of key personnel to adapt and improve their effectiveness.
  • Guidance and practical participation on board and management meetings to guarantee progress and improvement.
  • A respectful and discrete helping hand on communication, management of change and managing stakeholders.

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